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Conference on Innovation, IoT and Big Data

Conference begins in …
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Mumbai India November 16-17, 2017

What is Rocheston Reinvent?

Rocheston Reinvent is a two-day conference on innovation that brings together experts and keynote speakers to address the attendees on Innovation, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and also shed light on how to adopt pioneering technology to transform businesses for the future.

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Govind Balakrishnan
Vice-President, Adobe Systems, Inc.
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Anand Padmanabhan
CIO, New School, USA
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Dr. Sandosh Padmanabhan
CG and Therapeutics, University of Glasgow

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D Peter Immanuel
CEO, Aerospace and Aviation Sector Skill Council (AASSC)
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Mohan Natarajan
Senior Practice Director – Oracle Consulting North America
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Deepak Pargaonkar
Senior Director - Solutions Engineering, Salesforce India

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Masayoshi Tamura
General Manager, Hitachi - Digital Solutions and Services Group
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Ravi Ramaswamy
Senior Director of Healthcare at Philips Innovation Campus
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Jaspreet Bindra
Senior Vice President- Digital Transformation of the Mahindra Group

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Debashis Sarkar

Author, Managing Partner – Proliferator Advisory & Consulting
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Ravinder Pal Singh

Director – Strategic & Mega Projects, Dell Technologies
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Sundara Nagalingam

Head of Deep Learning Practice for NVIDIA India

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Dr. Aloknath De

Corporate Vice President, CTO - Samsung Electronics
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Ravi Ananthakrishnan

Vice President, Platform Solutions Group, [24]7 Innovation Lab
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Alok Khanna

Executive Director I/c (Information Systems), Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOCL)

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L Syamprasad

Chief Operating Officer, Associated Capsules
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Kurian Kattukkaran

Architect - Data Management, GE Digital


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