Rocheston Reinvent Conference Dubai 2018 December 7 - 9th 2018, Dubai - Conference on Internet of Things (IoT), Innovation and Big Data

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About the Conference

Reinvent Conference 2018 is a flagship event of Rocheston Press Pvt. Ltd where illustrious list of speakers will come together to pore over emerging trends in technology and innovation. It is a unique opportunity for business houses, technology companies, manufacturers, service organizations and regulators to understand the impact of IoT and Internet in various sectors such as Manufacturing, AgriTech, Manufacturing, EduTech, FinTech and Energy Tech.

Reinvent Conference 2018 intends to shed light on some of the futuristic technology trends including Quantum Computing, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

The conference is tailored to needs of an increasingly technology-driven community. As continuous disruption becomes the new normal, you need to know and become familiar with the underlying technologies that are driving this. This conference will provide an insight into futuristic technologies.

The conference focuses on current key topics that will power Innovation and aims to arm you with the tools and knowledge that will be a critical in channeling a continuing disruptive environment into leadership roles, new products and services.
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Leaders, innovators, real-time scientists and subject matter experts from innovation labs, technology companies, research institutions and organizations will take centre-stage at the conference. Apart from interesting sessions, workshops and talks on innovation and reinvention, the conference will also include novel experiences like a Tech Showcase, AI Experience Lab and an Award Event on Design Innovation.
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What is Rocheston Reinvent Conference 2018?

Reinvent Conference 2018 is a two-day conference on innovation that brings together experts from various industries such as technology development, marketing, sales and human resources to address the attendees on Innovation, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data. It also intends to shed light on how to adopt pioneering technology in order to transform businesses in the future. Be prepared for constant flow of fresh ideas, where you are guaranteed to learn something new across sessions and workshops.
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The conference will include a workshop on Innovation and provide a networking platform for professionals to establish business connections and strengthen existing partnerships in the industry. Participants will also have a chance to discuss their ideas with the like-minded attendees and stay updated on the latest trends in the Industry.

What is unique about the Reinvent Conference 2018?

The Rocheston Reinvent Conference brings together brilliant minds from across industries, to discuss, share and generate ideas and concepts that will revolutionize the world. The conference provides an unparalleled platform to discuss ideas on innovation in various sectors and enables participants to come up with path-breaking, innovative and cutting-edge ideas.
The focus of the conference is to provide a platform to understand innovation and help participants master the art of innovation and its application in the functioning of companies.

The two-day event is designed to revolutionize participants’ perceptions on how to run a business. It will provide valuable inputs on how to incorporate innovation into the various aspects of business, helping entrepreneurs transform their companies into leading authorities in their respective industries.

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Why you should attend Reinvent Conference 2018?

The conference is an opportunity for enterprises from various industries to come close to the impact of Internet technologies, that would impact each of these industries.

For example, Industry 4.0 is the new wave of revolution in manufacturing, made possible with IoT. Industry 4.0 will result in the birth of “Smart Factories” in which computers with machine learning algorithms will be in control of the robotics. This factory process automation will cancel any need for physical interference by human beings, making the process much more efficient.

The conference will provide an in-depth insight into technologies such as Industry 4.0 as well as disruptive technologies in several other industries.

In addition to this, the conference will also have an AI Experience Lab where delegates, speakers and other guests will be able to engage with the AI-Robot-Cobot simulations taking place in the zone.

A highlight of Reinvent 2018 will be the Tech Showcase which will exhibit the disruptive technologies that are impacting our lives everyday such as –

• Voice activated automation devices
• Internet connected smart cities and intelligent sensors
• Self Driving Cars
• Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality
• Patient Empowerment with Health Monitoring apps
• Re-Skilling and Skill Enhancement with online Learning
• Drones Engineering
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Benefits of Attending Reinvent Conference

Reinvent Conference 2017 will see the collaboration of best of the minds in technology and innovation space on a gigantic scale for the first time in India. If you take part in it, you will get to stay on top of the larger trends that will disrupt or define your industry. It is a great platform to connect with peers and pioneers in your arena.

The sessions and talks by subject experts are intended to provide you avenues of growth and knowledge of developments in spheres of technology and innovation. You get to learn from them first-hand about trends in the industry and become a macro expert.

The event will also have case reviews that are practical and cover success stories that will inspire participants to take on their own steady course of growth and development.

Participants will get to brainstorm on futuristic technologies such as Industry 4.0 and a better understanding of the Internet of Things, Big Data and their role in accelerating technological evolution.
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Rocheston is an innovation company with cutting-edge research and development in emerging technologies such as Internet of Things, Big Data and Automation. Our motto is ‘Be Exceptional’ and we aspire to be a global force at the forefront of innovation in the world. Led by a team of professionals who share a passion for research, understanding emerging technologies, the need for change and the scope for innovation; Rocheston is working towards creating products that can help organizations to thrive in dynamic business environments. Here is a list of our offerings.
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We currently offer courses such the Certified Master of Business Leadership (CMBL), Certified Chief Innovation Officer (CCIO) and Rocheston Certified Internet of Things Engineer (RCIE) to train individuals and companies to survive the onslaught of competition and stay on top of their game in respective ecosystems.

Rocheston’s certification programs are aimed at providing highly advanced training to students, professionals and organizations with the necessary skillsets to deal with the dynamic global business landscape.


Reinvent Conference 2017 is a flagship event of Rocheston Press Pvt. Ltd where illustrious list of speakers will come together to pore over emerging trends in technology and innovation. It is a unique opportunity for business houses, technology companies, manufacturers, service organizations and regulators to understand the impact of IoT and Internet in various sectors such as Manufacturing, AgriTech, Manufacturing, EduTech, FinTech and Energy Tech.

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The Distinguished Awards recognizes industry experts who are part of the diverse industries – restauranteurs, engineers, designers, CEOs, lawyers, doctors and film personalities. It intends to inspire creativity, excellence and healthy competition in the industry.


The Distinguished magazine, to be launched in the month of September, will be the ultimate lifestyle, art & coffee table companion. The artistic magazine will inspire the eloquent reader and attempts to go beyond the boundaries of creativity. Distinguished magazine will be a new experience in life with artisanal craftsmanship, making it perfect emblem of style and substance.


Our products and programs are intended to help build successful and innovative businesses.


Design is at the heart of everything we do. We believe in creating a brand that people can trust and are obsessed with excellence and a pursuit for perfection.

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