Rocheston Reinvent Conference Dubai 2018 December 7 - 9th 2018, Dubai - Conference on Internet of Things (IoT), Innovation and Big Data

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Reinvent, Reimagine and Reengineer
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Justification for attending the Reinvent Conference

We appreciate your interest in attending Rocheston Reinvent Conference 2018. We understand that with limited travel and training budget, acquiring approval to attend the conference will be a challenging task. Please use the below sample justification letter format to help you with your request. Add specific context, explain the benefits and ROI of the conference – for both you and your organization for consideration of your case.

We expect your presence in Dubai!
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Sample Letter: Request to Attend Rocheston Reinvent Conference 2018

Dear {Manager / Employer Name},

This is to request permission to attend Rocheston’s Reinvent Conference 2018 on December 6 and 7, 2018 in Dubai. It is a two-day conference on innovation that brings together experts and keynote speakers to address attendees on pioneering technology such as Innovation, Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data, that are set to transform businesses in the future. The conference is designed to educate professionals and entrepreneurs on innovation and its application in the functioning of companies.

We will have speakers from top organizations and institutes from across the globe like:

• Adobe Systems
• Salesforce India
• Dell Technologies
• Samsung Electronics
• Mahindra Group
• GE Digital
• Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.
• [24]7 Innovation Lab
• NVIDIA India
• The American Society for Quality
• Philips Innovation Campus
• Hitachi Digital Solutions and Services Group
• Oracle Consulting
• Aerospace and Aviation Sector Skill Council
• University of Glasgow
• New School, USA
• Associated Capsules

Here are the ways in which my presence at the Reinvent Conference 2018 would contribute towards the growth of (company name)

Reinvent will bring together brilliant minds from different organizations and institutes to discuss, share and generate ideas and innovative concepts that could transform corporate sector. It is a window to the future of technology in business and could inspire professionals in companies like xxxxxx to stay ahead of the game by embracing pioneering technology.

The conference is designed to educate professionals and entrepreneurs in the art of innovation as well as its application in the day-to-day functioning of companies. Acquiring this skillset could help professionals like me contribute towards increasing the productivity of the organization.

The conference will be the ideal platform to network with professionals and experts from different industries and help me learn about latest developments in their respective fields and share information about our industry.

The registration fee is 199 USD for attending both the days of the conference and 149 USD for attending it for either of the two days (CCIO workshop and Certification exam). Additional travel and accommodation costs will be incurred and this can be worked out by the management on a mutually agreed upon budget.

This would be a great learning opportunity for me. I would be happy to draft a report citing my take-aways from the conference and how best we can incorporate, what I have learnt, in the functioning of the company.
To know more about Reinvent, visit

Do let me know if you have any further queries regarding the event.



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