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Distinguished Design Awards 2017

About Distinguished Design Awards

Design speaks a universal language. A good design has the power to create intrigue, inspire and stir one’s emotions. From machines, gadgets, electronics, furniture, appliances to labels and packaging – a design can go a long way in making or breaking a product. Recognizing this potential, Rocheston Press Pvt. Ltd, a New-York based organization has decided to laud unique creations and is hosting the Distinguished Design Awards (DDA) in 2017.

DDA intends to select great designs out of a variety of unfolding phenomena around us to keep up with the pace of the growing level of innovation, which we experience on a daily basis. It is dedicated towards setting tangible standards for industry-leading, innovative designs.

Submissions for the DDA will come from a wide range of fields and across industries including home appliances, automotive, electronics, consumer products, furniture, architecture, labels, packaging and so on.


The Distinguished Design Award is dedicated towards nurturing creativity, while establishing benefits of a great design and the value it brings to the customers. In this pursuit of industry-leading designs, our mission extends to establishing standards and processes for brands to achieve the Distinguished Design.


We consider good designs to be things that truly enrich people's lives or have the potential to do so. In order to define what good design is in changing times, it is essential to be thoughtful, reflective, and in tune with society. At DDA, we plan to objectively analyze designs across categories and set a benchmark for innovations.

How do I apply?

You must become a Business Member of the Rocheston Accreditation Institute (Apply for membership). 
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