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Training and Certification

Participants who attend the conference will have the additional opportunity of attending Rochestion's Certified Chief Innovation Officer (CCIO) program.

The CCIO program is a course for corporate executives to understand innovation and the key concepts that improve the standards of their business, elevating their company to a higher level. In today's world, businesses survive as a direct result of innovation. Companies need to continually adapt to changing conditions, all the while innovating and creating new solutions that enable them to thrive in the industry. The CCIO program trains participants to take their businesses to the top of the market, giving them an edge over the competitors.

Participants will receive a kit with the courseware and training material for the CCIO program in advance. The training session at Rocheston Reinvent will be a one-day boot camp. Experts on innovation and leadership will address participants on the second day, on the day of the Reinvent Conference.

An examination will be conducted for participants at the end of the day's session. The examination will be computer based, and participants will be tested using multiple choice questions. Participants will also receive a certification at the end of the training session.
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