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Rocheston Reinvent Cybersecurity Conference 2021

brings you RCCE online musical night!

Just as a colorful burst of fireworks against a dark sky makes your heart leap out with joy, let the elements of music bring an upsurge of all the positive emotions in you. Let’s celebrate life, especially during these times of a life-threatening pandemic.

The news we receive from online channels, discussions we find at social media platforms and even online banter with known friends, all echo with same fears – the ongoing pandemic and its consequences. At such an overcast time, let us find a respite and join for a community square musical! Bring back those thumping beats of drums, vibrations of high-strung guitar and melodious voices all blending harmoniously!

Rocheston Reinvent Cybersecurity Conference 2021 brings on a musical night to remind you that life deserves celebration. So, join us to hum along and swirl around to the tunes.

Rocheston Reinvent Cybersecurity Conference 2021

RCCE online
musical night!

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In the past, Rocheston has celebrated success of their students with food,

music and laughter. Some of the students expressed their gratitude:

Enthusiastic statements from our students inspired us then, and keep us prodding and pushing us now to bring back the fun, the celebration of success, spirit of hope and friendship of those RCCE Nights.