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Rocheston Reinvent Cybersecurity for Women Conference

Identity thefts and financial scams are increasing in cyberspace these days. While these challenges of cyber technology are faced by everyone commonly, women have been made vulnerable especially due to their gender. Crimes against women is not just a subject for governmental law enforcement anymore – it has come to target women in cyberspace based on misogyny, sadly eliminating even national boundaries.
Welcome to Rocheston Reinvent Virtual Conference
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Responsibility of Women

The digital world is expanding exponentially and so is cybercrime. From innovation to adaptation of emerging technologies, law enforcement, healthcare, investments in new ventures or trade, public security in general – we stand to risk everything today!In the face of cybercrime threatening as a virtual pandemic, it becomes the responsibility of women to step forward. How can we afford to have only 20% of women in the global cybersecurity workforce?
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for Women

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Virtual Conference

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Bookmark the Dates

September 25-27, 2020

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Lady Hackers

The NeXTGEN Cybersecurity Warriors Defending the Network from Sophisticated Cyber Attacks.

30 Women Speakers Around the World

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The Approach Path to NeXTGEN Lady Hackers

Rocheston Reinvent 2020: Cybersecurity for Women is a by the woman, of the woman, for the women effort to change this paltry 20% and bring a more significant women force to Cyber security. It’s time to innovate and look new ways to achieve what remains to be accomplished.

The conference will host 30 eminent women speakers from different industries across the globe who will make an impact on eager minds curious about cybersecurity for women.

The speakers will share their success stories and perspectives. Juggle with ideas. Help you peer into the kaleidoscope of myriad security threats they are dealing with. Join the league of inspired and passionate women warriors fighting cybercrimes, in many different ways: academicians, researchers and corporate leaders from different industries. Listen to them, visualize the path you have chosen to walk and make a valuable difference to your story.
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How to Bring Women into Cybersecurity

Governments, nonprofit organizations, professional associations should work together in building awareness of cybersecurity.

Need of the hour is events and workshops for women to connect with industry leaders and find mentors.

Organizations should encourage women to participate in seminars/conferences, further their education, and explore new possibilities in cybersecurity.

Workshops should be conducted in schools to develop interest, aptitude and skills in science and technology for children. In the USA, Girl Scouts are encouraged to participate in girl-focused science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs.

Conduct hackathons and training programs that teach hacking skills, network analysis and programming languages and simulating sessions on cyber-attacks to find potential vulnerabilities.

Children should be taught early to protect their identity online, browse safely, protect their computers and their family networks from being hacked.
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Why Cybersecurity Industry Needs Women

Very few women are recruited or encouraged, as opposed to men who join the workforce

Gender balance helps bring good business perspective because women think differently from men

Cybersecurity is a high growth industry expected to create job opportunities

A Cybersecurity professional should not only be tech savvy, but require more skills like logical thinking, communication skills, ability to learn and adopt new information, troubleshoot for better insight and gauge different perspectives

Why Women Should Choose Careers in Cybersecurity?

It has been found that women often choose career opportunities based on social stigma, their socio-psychological conditioning or opportunities provided by their families. The increasing number of men in cybersecurity is a wake-up call for gender imbalance in the industry. But it’s time for women to reassess their options and consider cybersecurity as their career path:

  • They often fall prey to cybercrimes such as hacking, phishing, identity theft, stalking, online bullying, online defamation etc,
  • They become targets of cyber stalking, cyber pornography, internet voyeurism, cyber defamation, cyber bullying
  • They are threatened with defamation of personal reputation or fear for physical safety
  • They can help more women from being victims of cyber space and bring about legal protection especially for women
  • They are better equipped to understand perspective of a women victim, effect of cybercrime on the family and formulate core rights of women
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Poor Job

The technology industry has done a historically poor job in recruiting women, whether the job is in cybersecurity or some other area of tech.
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Young Girls

By introducing these skills to girls as young as five, they could grow up to reverse the ugly trends of underrepresented women in tech and the rampant bro-culture of tech hubs like Silicon Valley
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Why Are There Fewer Women in Cybersecurity?

  • Women usually do not prefer tech or security as viable career path
  • Many high school girls in tech courses are less adept in handling tech skills, and many are unaware of career opportunities.
  • Common stereotypes associate high-level intellectual ability (brilliance, genius, etc.) with men more than women.
  • Stereotype beliefs can have powerful influence in decision making such as decisions about careers people visualize themselves in.
  • Traditionally society prefers to respect women who are committed to their family and upbringing of children.
  • Research shows disparities having deeper developmental roots for women being under-represented in fields where "brilliance" or innate talent as crucial for success.
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Letter for the Boss

Feel excited to join, but you think your manager could need just a little bit more persuasion? We’ve prepared a neat Letter For The Boss Template. Good luck!
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Download the Letter for the Boss Template. See you at the conference. 👋

Dear Boss,

I am happy to bring to your notice that Rocheston Reinvent conference is back again in 2020 in a new avatar: the Rocheston Reinvent Cybersecurity for Woman Virtual Conference happening on September 25 and 26.

Keeping with the spirit of time, even before COVID-19, emerging with the rise of online learning, virtual tutoring and conferencing,
Rocheston is back with renewed enthusiasm and new experiences of a successful two-day virtual conference on innovation.

This event will be bringing together experts from across the globe to take a deeper look into the challenges of technology today and its re-emergence in the post COVID-19 era.

Being a company that trains students in subjects like Innovation, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, I understand that they can provide an all-inclusive perspective on Cybersecurity scenario today. Thereby, requesting your permission to allow me to attend this virtual conference and bring back to you the unique experiences it promises to offer.

My research on activities of Rocheston has only surprised me with the number of diversified topics they handle for teaching Cybersecurity to diverse groups of people with different requirements. They have already created impressive footprints in teaching courses like Cyber Security Engineer, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Cybersecurity Compliance Officer and impact of cyber security in myriad other technologies like AI, Big Data, Blockchain and so on.

I am expecting Rocheston Reinvent Cybersecurity Virtual Conference to be not only enriching but also a way towards transformation for businesses to embrace a safe technological horizon.

I appreciate your cooperation. I am looking forward to Rocheston Reinvent Cybersecurity Virtual Conference for an enriching experience and lasting association with one of the leading Technology masters. Here is their website

Yours Truly,

Jane Doe
Cybersecurity Engineer