Woman Empowerment

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Women can bring a human touch to the field of cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is the key not only for securing systems, networks or devices, but also a prime deterrent to cyber terrorism and national security threats. The annual loss suffered by users globally due to cybercrimes, stands estimated at 6 trillion US dollars – a mindboggling leap from the 3 trillion dollars reported 5 years back!

A recent survey found more women internet users across all age groups. With the fast-paced online networking and transactions, there is an exponential surge in the percentage of cybercrime victims - especially among women. The survey also reports that there is an overwhelming increase in the number of women falling victims to cyber-attacks and crimes. Online stalking has claimed 26% of the women victims while online sexual harassment has victimized 25% of women.

Having more women cyber defence experts in tackling cyber threats has a natural advantage for ensuring the safety of digital users and women in specific. Apart from tackling the cybercrimes in the other sectors, these super cyber heroines have an advantage over their male counterparts in addressing women-centric cyberthreats. Inherently, women have the much required ‘humane approach’ and know when exactly to bring in their ‘sensitive understanding’ for problem solving. Of course, women professionals would add value by bringing fresh and different perspectives while brainstorming for innovative solutions.
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Women cyber specialists – the untapped resource in cyber space

The growth rate of the cybersecurity market in a decade (2004 - 2015) was USD 3.5 billion; whereas, the estimates growth chart shows that by the end of 2020, it would touch USD 170 billion! Consequently, the number of vacancies for qualified cybersecurity specialists would be about 1.5 million in the Information Technology sector.
It’s time women professionals step in with their exceptional risk taking and multitasking abilities, to plug the huge human resources gap.

Today, women are armed with higher education and certification credentials than ever before when compared to their male counterparts in tackling cyber threats. Women are actively engaged in key cyber defense areas ranging from risk analysis & management, threat intelligence analysis, incidents response, to security engineering.

While asserting themselves with their professional skills, according to an organizational consulting firm Korn Ferry, the representation of women for CIO/CTOs positions have increased this year compared to the 16% held in 2018 in USA. In another survey the percentage of women holding the VP of Info Tech post were ahead of men by 4% and in the corporate executive level they are ahead by a whopping 9%!
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How women are helping to keep remote working scenarios cybersafe

With cybersecurity increasingly becoming a much-sought after career option for women, the cyber space now has not only “Him” but also “Her” to defend against all cyber threats and attacks. Cyber powering Her would mean she hacks to make the systems and networks safer. With homes transforming into workspaces and remote working becoming the new norm, there are many lady hackers out there who are flagging system vulnerabilities even before the attackers try to hack and exploit.

Well-trained lady black-hat hackers are ahead of the cyber attackers in devising newer counter strategies on the run.

Instances where the cybercriminals try to take over the control by remote code execution attacks, the lady hackers counter them by preparing a proof-of-concept for system security using the virtualization software and virtual machines!

The increasing cyber risks due to the Dark Web has found more lady hackers preparing well ahead for defence by integrating system security with automation and customized tooling. That is how far ahead of the cyber crooks these super lady hackers are!
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Bug bounty hunting programs

There is no perfect technology designed and there will be attacks and intrusions by attackers who exploit the vulnerabilities in the system. As per the latest findings, there are several lady hackers who are specialized in bug bounty hunting. These specialists alert the concerned teams about those system vulnerabilities which were overlooked during the scans. They help in reducing the risk of the incident(s) by helping to fix the vulnerabilities even before they are eyed by the attackers.

Katie Moussouris, a famous lady hacker and the founder CEO of Luta Security, was instrumental for the Hack the Pentagon program in the year 2016. According to her, bug bounty programs continue to increase in their popularity with more companies looking towards it as a solution for their businesses.

Most global corporate giants including Facebook, Apple and Google, have dedicated bug bounty hunters who are on a mission to detect security loopholes in systems and even in real-time online businesses. Bug bounty hunters are also referred to as the “Security Researchers” and more businesses are encouraging them to enhance their security infrastructure. This is another area of cybersecurity where women cyber specialists are excelling.

Lady hackers are not dark and scary characters but cool and trendy professional cyber warriors!
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Now is the Time for Women to Shine!

The cybersecurity field is wide open and ever-expanding. There is a huge demand for qualified security experts, irrespective of gender. “CyberPowHER” is the new mantra in the cyber space battlefield so that women with their intuitive understanding of security issues can contribute in cyber defense.

Diversity in viewpoints and ability to think from different angles are crucial in tackling cyber threats, which is why women must pitch in. Adding more women in the cyber workforce raises the much-needed awareness about the online threats looming at large.

Apart from bridging the gender gap, women cyber workforce will motivate more women to opt for this field breaking the myth that cybersecurity is a man’s forte!
More women joining the cyber defense in key and higher management roles will also help in popularizing pay parity among men and women employees. The stereotype that women opt only for liberal arts and non-technical jobs, will also be nixed.

CyberPowHER will lead governments to invest more in cybersecurity and incentivize other related certification programs.
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Women can Handle Tech and Tools

Technology is the vehicle of women empowerment. The talented women out there just need the opportunity to showcase their skills and capabilities. Technology and cyber tools will empower women to overcome hesitation and convert their fears to enthusiasm. What better technology than cybersecurity tools to empower women?

Cybercrime does not discriminate by gender, religion or nationality and therefore equal employment helps with contributions from qualified professionals across various educational, social and cultural backgrounds.

Skilling women professionals with diverse qualifications on cybersecurity techniques is easier with the latest technology and tools including firewall, detection software, antivirus software and penetration testing, etc.

All levels of cybersecurity management can be scaled by women. With advanced technologies penetrating every sector, cyber training now starts from school levels where more women cyber experts can also don the role of cybersecurity trainers.
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Warriors of Change

The cyberspace is highly competitive, evolving and thrill-packed with countless fascinating possibilities. Women are steadily and consistently climbing the ladder of corporate success in cybersecurity and Rocheston wants more women to aim for the sky and break that glass ceiling!

Rocheston as always has been a pioneer in bringing the best courses anticipating the market needs ahead of time. Our Lady Hackers - The NeXTGEN™ Cybersecurity Warriors Defending Against Sophisticated Cyber Attacks Conference is designed to bring out the best Lady Hackers in town on one-of-its kind grand platform!

This all-women conference will bring together successful lady cyber experts to enrich us with their experience in handling online/cyber threats and how budding women professionals can aim for careers in hacking technologies and futuristic advanced hacking methods.

Women who are on the threshold of entering the cybersecurity arena will be guided to become leaders - become experts in the cutting-edge hacking & intrusion detection techniques. They can ensure protection of networking systems and devices from existing and potential threats. The job roles for women cyber professionals can vary from data security experts, cybersecurity engineers, cyber analysts, security compliance officers, network & systems admin, security specialists, cyber tech consultants and so on.

So, CybHer ladies, the whole cyber world awaits you! Be the Warriors of Change!