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30 Women Speakers Around the World

We've invited women cybersecurity experts around the world to share latest threats, attacks, cybercrime investigation techniques etc. You will find speakers from law enforcement agency, multi-national companies and hackers.
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We will be using the cutting-edge latest technologies in audio-video streaming to bring you the best experience in virtual conference. Expect nothing less from Rocheston!
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Audio / Video Clarity

No more choppy videos or I can't hear the speaker, please mute your sound, speak louder issues. Super smooth video interaction.
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Impressions from the conference

Join the circle of women who are wanted, respected, and appreciated for the work they do

Learn from Lady Hackers how to protect organizations from cyberattacks

Learn about cybersecurity roles for women and find your perfect place

Expand your horizon by engaging with cybersecurity professionals and become a part of their network. Enjoy the pleasure of sharing experiences with your fellow hackers
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Listen to the unnerving stories behind Google, Facebook and other corporates, enjoy watching how they reshape your dimensions

Make your participation a mark of encouragement to other women and beginning of a new successful journey

Your awareness about the unique challenges women face will make you part of a global movement
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