Rocheston Reinvent Conference 2021 Jan 28 - Feb 1


C’mon in. Join the fun!

Watch the clash of the cyber lords: Enjoy the game between The Red Attackers and The Blue Defenders in Cyberspace.


Learn from the variety of intensely informative and exhaustive presentations from the security experts. Get introduced to basic and advanced protection, secure programming, bypass methods, exploitation processes and the NIST compliant methodologies.

Workshops on Hacking

With 4 workshops running parallel to the main event during the conference week, try Hack The Box platform to put your pen testing skills to test. Engage with the accomplished speakers and have a live exchange of information and experience.

Capture the Flag

Enjoying the demos of Capture the Flag (CTF) challenges where the red team attempts to capture flags while the blue team defends the flags or vice-versa. The CTF challenges can be individual or team events.


Put your pen testing skills to test with live hackathons. With industry experts and skilled security testers on board, leverage the standard hacking methodologies to understand how the highest levels of security can be provided to the applications.

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Workshop Topics

  • Crack your own password – You want John the Ripper to do it?
  • Web pen test with Metasploit – the subtle art of exploiting…
  • Capture the flag exercise! – Don’t miss it on Day 5…
  • Remote keyloggers – You’ve got the remote control?
  • PHP/MySQL SQL injection – Did you say “Internal Server Error”?
  • Inserting malicious code into Linux binaries – Excuse me, are you a White Hat pen tester?
  • Find socket shellcode – Catch them before the bad guys come in…
  • Reconstructing sniffed images – Grab those images, Quick!
  • Hacking Blockchain – Hack the Unhackable…
  • Encrypted covert channels – Unmask the secure toughies….
  • RC Pen Tester – Find your roadmap…